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Family owned and operated since 1929.


david askew


David Askew was born in Salmon Arm, as was his father Lloyd before him. His first job with Askew’s was bagging potatoes at one tenth of a cent per pound. The 10 cents he earned for bagging 10 ten pound bags would buy a bottle of orange crush and 2 penny caramels. He was well satisfied with the fruits of his labour. David worked as a Chemical Engineer with DuPont of Canada, as Career Counsellor with the University of Toronto and Manager with the Government of BC before assuming the role of President and General Manager of Askew’s in 2007. His big accomplishment at Askew’s has been leading design and construction of Askew’s Uptown. This development has won numerous awards and enjoys considerable success as a place to shop and socialize.

David holds an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from UBC, and a Masters Degree in Adult Education from the University of Toronto. He plans to continue in his leadership role working with Askew’s management to address the challenges of the changing business world, technology and the changing needs of Askew’s.

Customers want to reduce the time taken to shop and prepare healthy meals for their families. Prepared foods, delivery, on-line shopping and the advent of driverless vehicle (reducing the cost of delivery) are some of the things that are bringing change to the grocery business. Nonetheless David has every confidence that Askew’s will be able to address these challenges and to continue to be the grocery store of choice in the communities we serve.   
In addition to leading Askew’s, one of David’s objectives is to learn Spanish so he can get more out of future travel to Spain, Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America. David is an avid tennis player and plans to take full advantage of the new indoor facility which is currently under construction with completion planned for the spring of 2019.



claire askew

Claire Askew, the second of three children of Askew’s owner David was born in Toronto. She moved to Nelson BC with her family when she was seven and attended the Nelson Waldorf School. Claire completed her elementary and high school education in Vancouver where she played on the City Champion Grey Ghosts basketball team. During her childhood, Claire came often to Salmon Arm with her family to visit her grandparents.  Claire has always loved Salmon Arm. She also enjoyed the opportunities she had to work at Askew’s during her visits. She knew she would like to live and work here when the opportunity arose. 
Claire holds a BA from McMaster University (where she played for the McMaster Marauders Basketball team), an MA in Women’s studies from Simon Fraser University and completed her coursework and comprehensive exam for a PhD Policy Studies at Ryerson (where she played varsity basketball) before deciding she did not want to pursue an academic career. Instead she became the Literacy Coordinator for the Native Education College in Vancouver. During her spare time she initiated that institutions first athletic program, founding and coaching women’s and men’s basketball teams.

In time she raised enough money from grants and corporate donations to fund her work with the basketball teams and expand the program to include dragon boating, running groups, soccer teams and a large First Nations basketball festival.
In April 2017 Claire brought her knowledge, skills and energy to Salmon Arm, joining Askew’s as Special Projects Coordinator. She has relocated here with her family, husband Cole and their two children. Claire represents the 4th generation of Askew’s in the business. When her children are older Claire hopes to help out with the teams they play on, who knows, one of them might like basketball!


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