Are We There Yet? Snacks to Go

Fruits and Vegetables

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Grapes *, blueberries, cherries
Apple dipped with lemon (or with cinnamon & sugar)
Chunks of cantelope or “just ripe” peaches
Baby or carrot sticks
Sweet mini peppers
Orange pieces or Mandarin segments
Dried fruit
Cherry tomatoes
Peas in pods (ends removed)
Thick sliced cucumber
Almost all of above would dip in hummus


Hard boiled eggs * (pack salt in reusable container)
String cheese, or, make cheese cubes *
Pre-cooked chicken or ham*  pieces
Nut butter* in celery
Beef jerky
Sliced turkey roll-ups
Yogurt *
Nuts, seeds, or Trail mix
Roasted chick peas
Protein snacks generally offer more satiation


Popcorn light on butter but with cinnamon or spices is also popular but may leave evidence long after the trip.
Various crackers
Granola Bars 


Hydration is important for hot days or long air-conditioned drives. Try diluting your juices * with water to decrease the sugar content. Tap water is free.

Annah Kassen